Afghan Alley

Here are afghans and other home-related projects that I have crocheted, with the earliest first. For your convenience, you can  skip to the end of the table.

Click on the thumbnail images to see larger photos and more project details.

Hemi-ghan (February 1999) Hemi-ghan
Rosy Ribbons (March 1999) Rosy Ribbons
Libby's Afghan (April 1999) Libby's Afghan
My First Project Linus Blanket (April 1999) My First Project Linus Blanket
Adam & Jean's Wedding Afghan (June 1999) Adam & Jean's Wedding Afghan
Seat Cushion (Summer 1999) Seat Cushion
Jiffy Ripple (October 1999) Jiffy Ripple
Mom & Dad's Southwest Heathers (November 2000) Mom & Dad's Southwest Heathers
Purple Hexagons (September 2000) Purple Hexagons
Adam & Jean's Cloud-Soft Shells (March 2001) Adam & Jean's Cloud-Soft Shells
Adam & Jean's Sweet Dreams (March 2001) Adam & Jean's Sweet Dreams
Goody Gumdrops Baby Blanket (August 2001) Goody Gumdrops Baby Blanket
Barefoot Summer Days (September 2001) Barefoot Summer Days
Points of Interest (July 2002) Points of Interest
Timeless Treasure (July 2002) Timeless Treasure


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