Clothes Closet

Here are clothing items that I have crocheted, with the earliest first. For your convenience, you can  skip to the end of the table.

Click on the thumbnail images to see larger photos and more project details.

Beginner's Scarf (January 1999) Beginner's Scarf
Beginner's Vest (January/February 1999) Beginner's Vest
Bands of Beads & Shells (May 1999) Bands of Beads & Shells
Thick & Quick Hat & Scarf (May 1999) Thick & Quick Hat & Scarf
London Chenille Vest (June 1999) London Chenille Vest
Microspun Pullover (June 1999) (June 1999) Microspun Pullover (June 1999)
Homespun Shawl (July 1999) Homespun Shawl
Rose and Lilac Flower Vest (June 2001) Rose and Lilac Flower Vest


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